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Ceramic tile is a building material unparalleled for its combination of practicality and beauty. For centuries, it has been used to adorn humble kitchens and majestic palaces. Its values have remained unchanged. What has changed, however, is the variety of ceramic tile offered. New technology has introduced an ever-widening selection of tile for almost every application.

As the world's leading manufacturer of ceramic tile (with a yearly production of 600,000,000 m2), Italy is at the forefront of design and technological innovation. New firing techniques produce tiles suitable for tough industrial installations.

New glazing techniques produce floor tiles in colors and finishes never before possible. Tile size can range up to 60 cm. The variety of shapes is nearly endless.

Today, Italy produces 43% of tile in international commerce, supplying contractors and dealers around the globe. As the variety of tile and its application has increased, so have the terms and nomenclature used to describe it. In addition to the abundance of newly coined expressions, there is great latitude in commonly used terminology. A contractor's term may be understood differently from a layman's term or that of a retailer.

The dictionary is intended for everyone involved in the selection and installation of Italian ceramic tile, from the dealer and contractor to consumer and specifier. It is a two-part reference tool. In the first section, definitions are supplied for the most frequently encountered trade terms from production to end-use. The second section supplies translations of these terms from English to Italian and vice versa.

We hope that this dictionary will contribute to the user's knowledge and enjoyment of Italian ceramic tiles.

Classification and Manufacturing of Italian Ceramic Tiles

Lexicon for the Ceramic Tile Industry

English/ Italian Dictionary

Italian/ English Dictionary